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The Graitec nationwide IT support department provides Server and Hardware support and consultancy backed by defined Service Level Agreements (SLA's) to ensure you are fully aware of the scope and depth of support we offer.

As well as IT support services we also specialises in the supply, installation and deployment of computer hardware and networking infrastructure required to operate modern CAD software packages and data management software.

With an increase in interest around cloud computing technologies such as Microsoft 365 following the retirement of SBS (Small Business Server), and a sharper focus around robust backup solutions for critical business data, it's becoming increasingly imperative to ensure that existing infrastructures are fit for task as well as being ready for future growth.    

One thing that separates Graitec from other Autodesk UK resellers is the many facets of our professional services division that has evolved over decades of providing IT Support services, as well as supplying and helping clients successfully implement and rollout computer aided design technologies.

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From CAD workstations to server deployments and mobile workstations to large format printers, our IT consultancy team holds multiple Microsoft certifications ensuring that not only do our clients enjoy world class software solutions, but also that they have the infrastructure to successfully implement them and enjoy a healthy return on investment.

For clients in the first stages of planning investment in BIM (Building Information Modelling) or deploying a digital prototyping solution, often the first stage is to assess their current IT environment in order to ascertain where investment needs to be focussed.

With data retention policies becoming more stringent and the growth and lifecycle of critical data, we also specialise in providing a robust data backup and affordable disaster recovery solution including offsite backup capabilities.

To help clients in this process, Graitec supply IT Health Checks at a system level to help you identify areas of concern or plan for infrastructure growth .

What Is An IT Health Check?

The Graitec PC and Network Health Check provides you with a overview of your IT systems, performed by a Microsoft Professional with our findings presented in a formal document.

Why Are IT Health Checks Necessary?

IT Health Checks are necessary to ensure that companies have the correct IT infrastructure for any investment in computer aided design software and /or investment in data/document management systems.

Correct implementation of security functionality and to identify vulnerabilities in IT systems and networks which may compromise confidentiality, integrity or availability of information held on the system or network.

Our Health Check Report

With companies becoming increasingly reliant on IT for day-to-day (and especially CAD software) requirements, it’s becoming imperative for business owners to understand how your IT systems shape up and if they are fit for purpose for maximum user productivity.

The Health Checks we perform compare your existing IT equipment, systems, processes and policies to those we recommend as best practice, including:

    • Backup solution
    • CAD workstation requirements
    • Power management
    • Virus and malware protection
    • File storage and access control
    • Access for remote workers and/or branch offices
    • Physical security of your server room /IT
    • Scalability of your infrastructure.

This will culminate in a set of recommendations that you can choose to adopt in order to improve your IT systems.

For more information on our IT Consultancy services, or to discuss your requirements further give us a call.


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