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Technology Funding

Implementation and roll out of the most productive technology and computer hardware can really have a significant impact on bottom line profitability for many industry sectors.

Businesses involved in manufacturing, engineering (and digital prototyping workflows), BIM (building information modelling) centric construction projects and design and visualisation tasks all need to deliver projects accurately in the shortest possible timeframes in order maximise potential profitability windows and/or deliver projects on time and under budget.

Even though some businesses understand the need to compete with best in class competitors, sometimes the upfront investment cost can prove a barrier to entry so the company remains at a disadvantage.

Technology funding however is a great leveller and enables you to deploy best in class technologies and hardware across your business in a tax efficient and affordable way. It also gives you a far quicker return on investment as you start benefitting from your new technology from the outset without a large upfront capital investment thereby preserving  critical cash flow.

Technology Funding Lease Rental Option

Working in partnership with the Bluestar leasing BNP Paribas and Autodesk Financing (also provided by BNP Paribas) for subsidised financing on Autodesk software where available, Graitec are able to provide lease finance solutions to aid customers with the acquisition of computer hardware, CAD software and associated services and even software subscriptions.

As well as preserving essential business cash flow, by utilising lease finance facilities offered through our leasing partners, customers are able to offset 100% of the monthly repayments against their businesses pre-tax profits as a company expense in many instances.

Leasing is of course subject to status but to find out more about technology funding or to discuss your requirements give us a call today or click on the button below and we'll get back to you.

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