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Graitec Software Development Services

As part of our professional services offering, Graitec is a leading CAD software developer with a wealth of experience in specialist programming for local businesses and major blue chip organisations, such as Sainsbury, Next and Herman Miller for example.

Some of our clients simply require intelligent linking with Microsoft office applications to streamline their business processes, whilst others require more integrated developments within AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and Revit, or perhaps the development of specialist applications for retail store planning and space planning.

To find out more about our software development services or to discuss your business requirements please give us a call, or complete our contact form and we’ll give you a call.

Also, below you can find some examples of developed applications.

Bespoke Software Productivity Tools

Geoffrey Granter United House: "We estimate a £100,000 a year in time saving and have projected material savings from this and other initiatives of almost £200,000."

Whether you work in a large team or individually, productivity matters. If you share documents or regularly perform routine operations, then Graitec’s Programming Team can devise a solution for you. Based on a number of industry leading products including Autodesk's AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, BIM360 and cost effective time saving ROI tools for your business.

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Retail Space Planning Software Tools

Dramatically increase layout/planning productivity, automatic remote ordering, invoicing and change management.

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Product Configuration Software Tools

Easy for customers and employees to build, compare and validate any product configuration.


Office Layout Design Software

More than just a symbols library, MillerCAD automates the office layout design process, enabling architects, interior designers and office planning consultants to create, control and visualise their proposed designs.


Document Management Solutions

Development of Document Management solutions based on Autodesk's Buzzsaw and Vault, PLM 360, and Teamwork can help large design teams efficiently compare, secure, track and exchange documents and drawings, avoiding duplication of effort and unwanted modifications.

Store Design Software

Aimed at the high street retailer, Graitec has developed an innovative approach to store planning and layout which incorporates bill of quantities and overall space and shelf allocation according to both seasonal and sales fluctuations.

Mechanical Design Automation Tools

We can develop solutions to automate tasks within Autodesk Inventor, from modelling small parts to large assemblies, and creating drawing views and bill of materials.

Database Management Tools

Simple but effective databases can be generated to automate and manage detailed information in areas such as bill of materials or space booking.

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