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As a one of the country's oldest CAD workstation specialists and Autodesk software resellers, Graitec have been helping our clients with their CAD workstation needs for over three decades, supplying computer workstations and mobile workstations and laptops for a range of Autodesk and other computationally intensive 2D and 3D CAD software applications.

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Whilst the lines and distinction between CAD workstations vs. standard desktop Pc's and computers tend to have become somewhat blurred over the years, certain core requirements remain in place if a business is to maximise its return on investment in computer aided design, BIM (Building Information Modelling), digital prototyping, design and visualisation and CAD/CAM/CAE software applications.

The advent and now industry wide adoption of 64 – bit computing along with the emergence of GPU computing technologies (which are rapidly being adopted and incorporated into a range of CAD software from multiple vendors), means that it is imperative that business owners and IT managers ensure they are investing in sensible CAD hardware that will continue to address their software requirements for the next few years at least.

Whilst cheap CAD workstations or generic clone Pc's may be appealing to purchasing or IT budget holders, unfortunately from existing client experiences worst case scenario is that the latest CAD software maybe incompatible with the hardware, run very slowly or at best be unstable on the one hand. Or you may only get a percentage of the performance you should from your software on the other. You can find out more about this in our CAD workstation buyers guide.

Graitec supplies a full range of Autodesk certified HP CAD Workstations for Revit, Inventor, 3ds Max, AutoCAD and a variety of other CAD packages at very affordable price breaks including of course a 3 year HP warranty.

This ensures your new CAD workstation doesn't leave you with any surprises, and you get the best price HP CAD workstation for your budget as well as the best return on investment in your CAD software.

To find out more about our range of HP Xeon workstations, Dual Xeon workstations and HP EliteBook mobile workstations,  or to discuss your requirements give us a call on 023 8086 8947 or click on the link below to request a call or more information.

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