Cad Workstation Guide - Essential CAD Workstation Tips and Advice

What is the difference between CAD workstation computers and generic Pc's, and why should I buy a CAD workstation for my business?

These are probably the most asked questions on most peoples lips whether they are a business owner who's focus is often purely on cost in isolation, or an IT professional that may be very skilled in their own area of expertise, but may have little experience in the workings of software that needs to run on correctly specified CAD workstations or mobile workstations.

Maximise Productivity With a CAD Workstation



So in order to help both business owners and IT professionals this guide delve's into general CAD workstation specifications to help purchasers understand the importance of investing in a proper CAD workstation and computer hardware as opposed to generic Pc's, and the potential pitfalls of what may appear on the surface to be cheaper options.

Getting it wrong is not really an option because lack of performance, system crashes and lost data can literally cost a business thousands more than the price of a properly configured workstation in a single month in some cases.

Whilst on the other side of the coin users working on a decent CAD workstation will be more productive and business owners will get a far quicker return on investment in expensive CAD software.

Future Proof Your Hardware Investment

One thing business owners and IT professionals are often unaware of is that typically most professional CAD applications and graphics or computational software applications get updated each year with extra functionality.

This in turns brings a business greater productivity and without question business return is improved too but (and there is a big but here), quite often a later release of software will naturally require better hardware simply because software authors develop on todays and for tomorrows hardware not last years or the year before.


This is entirely different to most of the other software applications that the business may be running like office applications for example that will quite happily run any machine 5 years and older.

CAD Computers Versus Pc's

Later on in this CAD workstation guide we will look at the differences between CAD workstations and generic Pc's and also the importance of matching your computer hardware to the CAD software applications your business uses or intends to use, because there can be quite substantial differences and you do need to be aware of these.

You may also want to look at workstation displays and if so please visit our CAD Monitors page.

Achieve Better Returns On Your IT Investments

But before we delve any deeper, our first stop will be looking at essential best advice and a best practice IT strategy for any business owner that has or will be investing in CAD software and a single CAD workstation or multiple workstation Pc's.

Adopting this practice WILL pay dividends going forward and enable you to maximise any return on investment in computer hardware.

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