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GRAITEC Organizes a New Edition of the Advance Design Award

21st March 2022, Graitec, as a global software editor in the Design, Structural, Fabrication, and Data Management arena, organizes an international contest dedicated to structural engineers and design offices.

The award is for the best practical use of Advance Design in Steel / Timber / Concrete design projects. This contest is open to customers who want to showcase their experience and technical knowledge through a project executed in Advance Design software. A professional jury will judge the projects. The final nominees and the winning projects will be made public to a wide audience through extensive marketing, including social media.

Graitec Advance Design Award 2022

Award Calendar:

  • 21.3.2022 Contest launch - Project submission opens
  • 30.8.2022 Entries close - Deadline for project submission
  • 10.9.2022 Project Confirmation - Confirmation and announcement of projects accepted
  • 11.10.2022 Jury Deliberation - Selection of winners
  • 19.10.2022 Announcement of Results - Announcement of winners at the Advance Design User Summit 2022

Contest criteria:

The independent contest jury will gather in October 2022 to evaluate the projects. The judging will be done under the guidance of a dedicated Graitec Group representative. The representative is in charge of the contest. The jury will evaluate the projects considering the following criteria:

  • The technical level of the design, detailing and/or calculations.
  • Originality and prestige of the project.
  • Attractiveness, detail and presentation of the project.
  • Optimal use of software’s functionality.
  • The "story" behind the project – difficulties overcome, innovative approaches, benefits gained, etc.


An independent and international jury composed of academics and professionals in the field will judge the submitted entries. Meet the members of our jury:

  • Francis Guillemard – Jury Chairman / GRAITEC President of the Group and Chairman of the board / France
  • Rawad Assaf / ISSAE - CNAM Liban/ Lebanon
  • Olivier Chappat / Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France / France
  • Przemysław Kasza / BIM Technology Design / Poland
  • Rodrigue Coyere / EIFFAGE CONSTRUCTION Structural design office / France
  • Issam Geha / BIG-BEG / Lebanon
  • Will Arnold / Institution of Structural Engineers / United Kingdom
  • Joseph Pais / GRAITEC INNOVATION / France

For more information, please visit the Advance Design Award website -

Jiri Bendl, GRAITEC, Vice President SIMULATE, comments: “Through the Advance Design Award organizations we want to reward our customers for being members of the ever-growing SIMULATE community and we want to encourage students to use the best possible tools for structural analysis. It is a great pleasure for me to be part of this project!”

For further information, please contact:
Lukasz Jedrzejewski, GRAITEC
Phone: +48 792 23 86 93
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Graitec, international BIM software developer, announces Agreement to Acquire Applied Software to Become World Leader of AEC and Manufacturing System Integration

March 9, 2022 – GRAITEC, an international BIM, Fabrication, and Design software developer for AEC, and Autodesk® Platinum Partner across Europe, Gold Partner in Canada and in the USA, is delighted to move forward with the acquisition of Applied Software.

Originally founded in 1982, Atlanta-based Applied Software is a historic Autodesk partner. With 130 employees located in more than 20 states, Applied Software has helped over 5,000 customers to digitize their processes in the construction and manufacturing space throughout the United States. Today, Applied Software is one of the largest American Autodesk Platinum Partners.

With the acquisition of Applied Software, the Graitec group consolidates its existing position in North America while taking on significant market share of the BIM market, but also combines operations with a best-in-class Autodesk Partner in the United States.

Together, Graitec and Applied Software aim to deliver more value to their customers combining their strong Autodesk expertise and the benefits of the Graitec software. Developed by more than 150 R&D engineers, Graitec software aims to complete the Autodesk ecosystem, especially for Architects, Structural Engineers and Steel and Rebar Manufacturers. One point of focus will be PowerPack – an innovative and result based set of productivity tools allowing customers to maximize their use of Revit, Advance Steel, Inventor and Vault. On a technical level, Applied Software customers will be able to leverage the proven expertise of the Graitec skilled technical team on Structural Steel and Rebar.

For both Graitec and Applied Software, today is more than just an acquisition. By becoming one of the largest Autodesk partners in the world and reinforcing its will to grow stronger, bigger and more global, Graitec is showing its commitment to growth to further support the needs of their clients. The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Quote Manuel Liedot, CEO of Graitec: “For Graitec, Applied Software is a truly transforming and transformative acquisition. We are honored to associate our Graitec brand to such an outstanding company, and we believe our partnership with Applied Software will change drastically the scale and geographical footprint of the Graitec group. Tomorrow, we will expand our activity to be located 45% in North America and 55% in Europe. We are happy to welcome all customers and all employees from Applied Software, to strengthen our partnership with Autodesk and excited to continue the journey forward!

‘’Quote from Richard Burroughs, CEO of Applied Software: ‘’I am excited to launch the next step of the Applied Software history by joining the global Graitec group. Graitec shares the same DNA of Applied Software – a strong technical focus to empower our clients and champion innovation. It was crucial for me that all of our team stay on board for this next step, and that we continue to serve our customers. Today, we have achieved this and have raised the level of global service for our clients for the next 40 years.‘’

About Applied Software
Technology Inc., an Autodesk Platinum Partner for over 30 years, also partnering with premier vendors such as Bluebeam or Panzura, is a premier design technology firm serving the AEC, ENI and Manufacturing industries. With award-winning expertise in BIM, Applied Software has helped over 5,000 clients optimize their software and training, through recommended solutions and services, to improve project performance and workflows for competitive advantage for greater business value.

For more information, please visit :

Advance Design 2022.1 Has Been Released

We are delighted to announce that update 2022.1 of Advance Design, our structural analysis solution, has been released.

Key new features and improvements in Advance Design 2022.1

Advance Design 2022.1 update is enhanced with new functionalities and improvements with high benefits for the end-user.

This update mainly focuses on improving the quality and convenience of daily work. Therefore, it contains mainly improvements, corrections, and adjustments, but we can also find interesting novelties. The following list presents just a few selected improvements and new features.

Among many improvements and new features, we would like to highlight:

  • Possibility to automatically split rebars in reinforced concrete slabs - allows automatic splitting of the generated rebars so that they do not exceed the maximum length.
  • New material database for Canadian timber - allows modelling of structures with timber elements compliant with the Canadian standard.
  • Possibility to use Russian language in the design modules - enables work and document generation in the Russian language in design modules.
  • New calculation method for anchorage bolts - enables a more complete analysis of column base connections in the Steel Connection module.

We invite you to take a quick look at the selected improvements brought by the Advance Design 2022.1 Update.

Graitec Releases Version 2022 of Advance PowerPack

June 2021 –GRAITEC, an international software developer for AEC, is delighted to announce that Advance PowerPack 2022 has been released. Advance PowerPack is a set of user-centric daily tools that enhances your productivity when using Autodesk solutions such as Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Advance Steel. Extend your BIM workflows with the Advance PowerPack from Graitec!


With Advance PowerPack 2022, Graitec delivers to Autodesk users highly valuable tools to increase their productivity and efficiency when using Advance Steel® or Revit® with 00’s of new features in different areas:

  • Place dimensions in Revit® faster than you have ever dreamed about with the new quick dimension tool in the Advance PowerPack for Revit®: just draw a line and the tool places a dimension considering all intersected objects.
  • Many new Rebar modelling and detailing tools inside the Advance PowerPack for Revit: rebar constrains improvements, new views and drawings creation mechanism, RC Slabs grouping, filter by partition to browse the bars, 00’s of improvements in the design modules…
  • A new synchronization mechanism to exchange and synchronize models and engineering data between Revit®, Advance Steel® and Advance Design®.
  • Several improvements in Advance PowerPack for Advance Steel regarding the Stairs & Railings which will give users the possibility to control how the railing assemblies and subassemblies are built: connections for panels – fixing lugs, specific weld connections and many other improvements.
  • Tens of miscellaneous features considering our user’s requests worldwide to improve efficiency on the daily use.

Connect to the Advance PowerPack web page and follow us on LinkedIn to know more about this new release!

Joseph PAIS, Graitec Product Director comments: “For more than 30 years, GRAITEC has continuously strived to provide user-centric innovative solutions to its valued customers and this new Advance PowerPack 2022 release is no exception with major improvements for all Autodesk Revit® and Autodesk Advance Steel® users whatever the projects they are doing: automatic dimension tools, new powerful views and drawings generator, improvements on our link to Excel, Stairs and Railings extended capabilities, new synchronization mechanism, 00’s of new features to speed up the daily use of your Autodesk application… The PowerPack is really the must-to-have addon for your Autodesk AEC collections! Thank you for being part of our community and enjoy the new 2022 release!”

The 2022 release can be downloaded from here

Graitec Releases Version 2022 of Opentree

June 2021 –GRAITEC, an international software developer for AEC, is delighted to announce that Graitec Opentree 2022 has been released. Graitec Opentree is world-class document management software for Architects, Engineers and companies requiring compliant workflows. Above all, with Graitec Opentree, you will make document management easier and reduce unnecessary manual processes on all your construction projects!

opentree Graitec Opentree 2022 is the first major release under Graitec since the January 2019 acquisition. Taking the history of “Cabinet” we have extended our technology to aid efficient drawing and document management for Architects and Engineers. This release also introduces the new native viewing and mark up tools, further helping our customers to reduce unnecessary software costs.

A familiar interface that is fast, behind your firewall and an essential companion to managing all your work in progress, issued and published deliverables.

Top 5 new functionalities: 

  • Brand new Interface with a Windows 10 look and feel.
  • Support for AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD, Revit Bentley MicroStation / Connect and MS Office
  • Native inbuilt Viewer accommodating 30+ file formats and mark up tools.
  • Seamless upload of files and metadata to SharePoint, BIM 360, Asite, Aconex, Business Collaborator, Viewpoint for Projects & Aspub
  • Integration with 28 Hands Mail Manager (Email management)

 Connect to the Graitec Opentree web page and follow us on LinkedIn to know more about this new release! 

Says Gary Edwards – Business Line Director, MANAGE: “We are excited to announce the release of Opentree 2022 which builds upon our design to fabrication ethos and gives our customers the ability to manage all their IP from work-in-progress through to published. As the AEC industry strives towards better collaboration and information management, Graitec Opentree is at the forefront of standards helping our customers to improve quality, reduce document control costs and improve bottom line profitability”.

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