Structural Analysis Design & Engineering Software

Graitec are the industry leaders in developing Structural Analysis Engineering & Design software and providing Autodesk structural BIM solutions for all aspects of structural design including finite element method (FEM) and finite element analysis (FEA)  to help you design your structural engineering projects more efficiently.

Utilising a range of some of the best structural design software toolsets available from the Autodesk portfolio, coupled together with our unique structural analysis software solutions, add-ons and worldwide experience, we are the go to partner and help you solve your day to day structural engineering software challenges.

Whatever the challenge we are at the forefront of technological development in terms of software, training, implementation & customisation and are here to not only help you become proficient in the use of your software, but also to offer a guiding hand to help you streamline structural workflows to improve productivity and help you meet your project deliverables within target timescales.

In an ever changing world we provide a wealth of experience with our industry led application engineers & implementation teams, we will help you utilise your projects with a combined multi-discipline coordinated approach to get maximum efficiency and output from your investment.

The Result: A coordinated multi-discipline software platform that will deliver maximum productivity across your structural project and into the supply chain.

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Industry Challenges

Typical industry challenges our customers experience can be quite varied (a few of which are mentioned below) as can our customers engineering projects, but whatever your project our structures team relish a challenge and enjoy helping our customers success.

Collaboration with structural & engineering project teams
       - Incorporate cloud technology systems and individual point products to allow for seamless collaboration between teams

Communication of design intent quickly and easily
       - Create 3D Models in various formats depending on the contractor requirements

Overcoming fragmented workflows
       - Utilising BIM technology can help solve the transfer of information between disciplines

Participation in BIM required projects
       - Using the new industry standard Autodesk Revit software will ensure BIM Compliancy

Streamlining of design processes
       - Our in-house technical managers & software application engineers can help ensure successful software deployment & training implementation

Connection with Fabrication workflows
       - Use connected BIM technology from Autodesk and our own BIM Connect to automate these workflows

Documenting more accurately – From concept to production
       - Using Advance Steel’s document manager to automate drawing production & revisions from a 3D BIM Model

• Conflict resolution - Resolve conflicts before they happen
       - Predict, analyse & simulate projects coordination using the Navisworks suite of tools

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Autodesk and Graitec Structural Engineering Design & Detailing Software

Robot Structural Analysis Professional

robot structural analysis 2020 badge 150pxAutodesk Robot Structural Analysis software is available as part of the Autodesk AEC collection and allows users to model and analyse building and structures performance to ensure compliance with local design codes.

Robot Structural Analysis support BIM workflows and exchange of structural and analytical models from Revit for analysis, code checking and optimisation.

Autodesk Structural Bridge Design

structural bridge design 2020 badge 150px optAutodesk® Structural Bridge Design helps engineers achieve greater flexibility and efficient workflows by offering an integrated structural bridge design software solution for small-to-medium span bridges.

By using integrating loading, analysis, and code checking processes whilst providing an efficient workflow by giving more accurate and consistent data.

Advance Design Structural Design and Analysis Software

AD Badge noyear 150Graitec Advance Design FEM software delivers a suite of easy to use tools for general structural analysis and design, coupled with a familiar CAD based user interface. 

This includes full FEA/FEM capability to local design codes, optimisation & static, dynamic, modal and non-linear analysis. Easy view, report post processing and detailed design checks making this the tool of choice for many of the top UK, European and American engineering consultancies.

 Autodesk Revit Structure

revit 2020 badge 150px optAutodesk Revit BIM software delivers a suite of tools for architectural design, MEP engineering, structural engineering and construction that allows users to easily author projects and produce construction and engineering documentation.

Graitec have a wealth of Revit Structure experience to maximise and improve your productivity, project deliverables and enhance documentation processes.

Autodesk Navisworks

navisworks 2020 badge 150px optAutodesk® Navisworks Simulate & Manage are project review software solutions that allow you to coordinate design intent using integrated models and data from various disciplines to allow for better control of the project.

Navisworks helps anticipate and reduce problems before construction by using clash and interference checking on your structural and construction projects.

Advance Steel Structural Steel Detailing

advance steel 2020 badge 150px optAutodesk® Advance Steel is the structural detailing software of choice for structural steel detailers, fabricators, engineers and architects.

The software delivers 3D BIM enabled modelling tools to help your businesses accelerate more accurate detailing of structural components, cold rolled elements, by utilising dynamic steel connections coupled with automated fabrication drawings and CAM data.

Autodesk Plant 3D

autocad plant 3d 2021 badge 150px optAutodesk® Plant 3D specialises in process plant design in a 3D environment, utilising a plethora of specification and industry specific tools to address plant and process challenges. With integrated structural components, piping capabilities and parametric equipment modelling, plant 3D enables you to quickly design structural supports, pipe layouts, general structural elements and more.

Plant 3D is the most comprehensive plant design software on the market.

Autodesk Vault

vault professional 2019 badge 150ppxAutodesk Vault delivers the ability to collaborate, manage and track all your digital data with a powerful set of data management tools.

With direct links from raw CAD data which can then be made available to the global enterprise and non-CAD users where required, including integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook and also external ERP systems.

Advance Workshop

Workshop Badge noyear 150Graitec Advance Workshop is a Steel Production Management Information System (MIS) aimed at the general and structural steel fabrication & supply industry.

It is designed to give you complete control over every stage of fabrication by managinge stock evels, monitoring traceability and increasing efficiency in labour & CNC processes, to optimize your business performance and productivity.

Graitec PowerPack for AS

PPAS Badge noyear 150Graitec PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel® is a productivity add-on that provides a suite of tools and new functionally to speed up every day modelling and improve the manual processes in structural steel detailing.

With a complete range of tools to help with structural joints and connection, modelling and the design deliverables, this is a must have add-on for Advance Steel structural detailing and fabrication.

Graitec PowerPack for Revit

PPRevit Badge noyear 150Graitec PowerPack for Revit® provides a suite of tools and new functionally to speed up every day modelling and workflow, so is an ideal companion for user of Revit Structure.

With over 40 new tools encompassing architectural, structural and MEP disciplines, the powerpack delivers a wide range of productivity tools to improve every day workflows freeing up time for other structural project tasks.

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