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The differences between traditional paper-based drawing management software and electronic document management systems (EDMS) is evolving at a steady pace as typical 2d data management environments now need to be able to cope with 3D data and structured data formats.

Data is also no longer only about the detail visible on the CAD drawings or in an office file or PDF, but now even extends to extraction of meta data contained in the model files themselves.

As documents move through various work in progress processes, version/revision states and shared or released stages, data controllers are finding it more difficult to ensure that data consumers are reviewing the right version of the right document at the right time as the amount of data being generated and requested is on the increase.

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Whilst document, file and drawing management is highly important across many industry sectors, globally the biggest challenges are typically faced by the construction industry as a typical project could easily have 000’s of drawings and 00's of stakeholders, so robust internal work in progress (WIP) file and drawing management is essential in order to comply with exacting international standards such as ISO 19650.

In addition to internal file and drawing management challenges, project data then often needs to be pushed out to Common Data Environments (CDE) where it must be available to all contractors involved in the construction project in order to improve collaboration workflows, global data visibility and reduce construction costs by avoiding unnecessary rework.

Equally large manufacturing companies often have global design teams where data and design files need to be shared across different servers, so data has to be strictly controlled across the entire team to ensure everyone is working on the latest parts and assembly files or released version.

Document and Drawing Management Solutions

Graitec has strong history of helping customers choose and deploy document, file and drawing management solutions in both the manufacturing and construction space, helping improve data quality, streamline document management processes and reduce data management costs.

Solutions available include:

Opentree21 Badge noyear 150 Graitec Opentree - AEC document management software 

Graitec Opentree (formerly Cabinet) is an enterprise class work in progress document management solution for small and large architectural and engineering practices, in addition to the utilities and process sector where clients need to work to exacting regulatory standards including ISO 19650.

As well as being an Engineering and Architectural drawing management system for CAD files, Opentree also manages other project data and office documentation.

Typical Opentree benefits include:

  • Structured data environment
  • ISO 19650 compliant BIM data and drawing management
  • Automated file and drawing numbering system
  • Robust data and CAD drawing revison control
  • Tight auditing controls
  • and more.....

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autodesk bim 360 badge 150 optBIM 360

BIM 360 is a unified platform for Construction that is designed to connect project teams and data in real-time, through the various stages from design through to physical construction, including data management, design collaboration, coordination and data analytics.


Typical BIM 360 benefits include:

  • Improved project collaboration
  • Effective construction cost estimation
  • Enhanced preconstruction visibility and visualisation
  • Robust construction clash detection and coordination
  • Reduced build cost and risk mitigation
  • and more...

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autodesk bim 360 docs badge 150 optBIM 360 DOCS

BIM 360 DOCS is classed as construction document management software and as such is a common data environment designed to ensure construction data is available to the extended project teams to increase efficiency improve quality and reduce risk.


Typical BIM 360 DOCS benefits include:

  • Robust construction document management
  • Centralised cloud base project information
  • Construction document control
  • Accurate design and constructability review
  • Common data environment
  • and more...

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robot structural analysis professional 2021 badge 150px optVault

Autodesk Vault is a data management solution primarily for manufacturing and Inventor, but also extends to other disciplines including general AutoCAD drawing management.

Vault manages 2D and 3D file versions including dependencies including historic data, essential to effective manufacturing design workflows.

Typical Vault benefits include:

  • Improved collaborative design
  • Quick data access and data organisation
  • Simple copy and data re-use functionality
  • Tight control, data access and revision management
  • Automated release and change process
  • and more....

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