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revit 2021 badge 256px optAutodesk Revit 2022 Software has been pivotal in enabling BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodologies to become commonplace in the most demanding construction projects around the globe, due to its advanced technology and very affordable Revit subscription pricing model.

Many successful projects using BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodologies have clearly demonstrated the benefits of adoption, and BIM has proved to be exceptionally advantageous throughout a majority of a construction projects life cycle and beyond.

By utilising Autodesk Revit software, architects, engineers and construction professionals can create information-rich models to establish BIM workflows; all whilst collaborating effectively to deliver high quality projects on time with minimal to no errors.

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As an industry leading product, Revit contains an assortment of tools and features for an extensive range of disciplines - architectural, structural, MEP and more, enabling users to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage all projects at hand.

If you want a comprehensive solution for building information modelling, then keep reading and watch the video below to find out more.

Enhance BIM Workflows by Utilising these Key Revit Features

Shifting from 2D to BIM – Customer Success Stories

Find out why customers from all over the world choose to use Revit and other Autodesk software solutions such as the AEC Collection for their architectural creations; including how moving to BIM has transformed their design processes for the better.

Jill Neubauer Architects Inc. Customer Story

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science Customer Story

Atlas Industries Ltd Customer Story

CannonDesign + NEUF Architect(e)s Customer Story

COFICO Customer Story

Why Should I Purchase Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit® software delivers a rich feature set of tools to architects, engineers and contractors that allows users to easily co-ordinate even the most complex of construction projects, produce high quality construction and engineering documentation and quickly assess and deliver construction and engineering project changes under budget and ahead of schedule.

As a part of Autodesk’s BIM solution and CAD software portfolio Revit Software is available in a variety of versions including: Autodesk Revit® Architecture,  Revit® MEP and also Revit® Structure as well as in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry Collection.

Top Reasons to Buy Revit from Graitec

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Access to 30+ Unique Revit Productivity Tools for FREE
Graitec’s PowerPack for Autodesk Revit is an innovative productivity add-on that features must-have tools for modelling, connectivity, reinforcement and annotation. Find out how you can improve BIM workflows and speed up modelling time by heading over to our Revit PowerPack web page.

BIM Implementation Icon Over 500 BIM Implementation Customer Success Stories
Graitec have a number of highly trained specialists that are proficient in BIM. Whether you are just beginning your BIM journey or are after template creation or BIM documentation, Graitec can help. Find out more about our BIM Implementation services.
BIM Level 2 Certification Icon

Get BIM Level 2 Certified
Graitec and BRE have joined forces so customers have access to all the resources needed to meet the highest UK construction standards, and obtain a BIM level 2 certification. Get a competitive advantage over your competitors!

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