Autodesk Industry Collections

Autodesk Industry CollectionsAutodesk are pleased to announce Autodesk Industry collections a new and affordable way of subscribing to Autodesk software that will give you even greater value and flexibility than ever before.

Rather than bundling software into specific suites with various price points as we have become accustomed to, Autodesk have taken the bold step to go Industry centric and deliver its customer base access to even greater value and a larger collection of software at a very affordable price point.

Industry collections will consist of a mixture of selected software titles and cloud services geared to the needs of particular industry sectors to enable customers to have access to a much wider mixture of the most commonly used and essential software titles and leave them free to focus on project delivery as opposed to which version of a suite is the right one.

Initial collections available are:

•    Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry Collection
•    Product Design & Manufacturing Collection
•    Media & Entertainment Collection

Each industry collection will have a large selection of software titles that will be available to users by download. Autodesk will evolve each of these packages over time to ensure customers gain continuous access to enhancements, update releases and additional cloud services as and when they are available, but obviously reserve the right to what they include.

Autodesk Industry collections on initial launch are expected to include the following software titles:

Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection

aec collection badge 256The Architecture, Engineering and Construction collection encompasses software that is essential for infrastructure businesses as well as construction companies, as it features the power of Revit and AutoCAD.

For those in the civil industry, the Architecture, Engineering and Construction collection contains all of the tools that you could need for successful infrastructure projects. With the collection you build a collaboration network, with teams exchanging 2D and 3D model information. This means that you can mix CAD and BIM elements across horizontal and vertical parts of projects to adapt to the forward direction of the industry.

Construction and building companies will also find plenty of useful things in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction collection. Getting the collection is the best way to stay up to date with all of the latest advances to the Autodesk products that you need, and you can share these updates throughout your company with the cloud, which will enable collaborative workflows and data sharing.


Autodesk Product Design Collection

pds collection badge 256The Product Design Collection has all the software that a manufacturing company could need to adapt to the disruption caused by the Future of Making Things (FOMT). You will gain access to top of the range design products, and once you have your ideas, you can link these into one central product. Of these design products, Inventor Professional especially stands out, with its world class 3D design tools, and powerful simulation capability. 

Another brilliant product in the Product Design Collection is Factory Design Suite, which lets you perfect your factory layout. You will also be able to use Fusion 360, which is emerging as the leading cloud location for forward-thinking manufacturers, and all of your vital data can be managed using the powerful functionality of Vault Basic, enabling you to streamline your workflow.


Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection

me collection badge 256This collection contains all of the tools needed to create state of the art digital worlds; for animators, modellers or visual effects artists, who will all gain access to the software used by the industry leaders. Maya and 3DS Max are both widely respected, and are available in full through the collection. You can create software combinations to develop a 3D animation pipeline, which is the perfect solution to the challenge of hefty projects.

Collections will be available in the now familiar subscription options, single user access and multi-user access depending on which term you wish to subscribe to.

Users and companies that have extended requirements across different industry sector will still be able to subscribe to individual software titles for even greater flexibility.

For more information about the new Autodesk Industry Collections simply call your local branch or download the Autodesk Collections FAQ below.

Download FAQ

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