Autodesk MEP Fabrication Software

Autodesk Fabrication Software enables MEP companies and professionals to be highly competitive compared to their counterparts, and further improve their chances of winning competitive and complex tenders.

Autodesk Fabrication Software delivers a class leading toolset enabling MEP companies and MEP professionals to both increase profitability and drive productivity from initial CAD design, through to manufacturing detailing and even onto fabrication.

Autodesk Fabrication

Traditional MEP project delivery often relied on 2D CAD data-sets and large labour forces for installation often needing to tackle modifications on-site often during the construction phase of a project. This was both prone to error and costly both in time and lost profitability on the project, and often disparate systems for estimation, design and manufacture were employed which led to labour intensive and costly workflows.

autodesk-fabrication-sampleThe introduction of BIM (building information modelling) methodologies enabled MEP contractors and companies to streamline project lead times, identify potential installation challenges using Autodesk software such as Revit MEP and to increase per project profitability.

Autodesk Fabrication software however takes delivering efficiencies and cost savings to the next level, and is often the key to winning the tender for a project and then delivering it as profitably as possible.

This is achieved by taking productivity gains beyond the initial CAD design and estimation stages, and delivering huge productivity gains direct to the manufacturing process, enabling businesses to reduce manufacturing and subsequently project delivery costs.

Key MEP data across the project can dynamically update, so MEP companies can further explore numerous options quickly and efficiently to further reduce costs and maximise profit potential.

To find out more about how Autodesk Fabrication software can help your business or to arrange a consultation, give us a call.

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