On Demand Online Training for CAD Professionals

With over 25 years’ experience of delivering Autodesk Cad training solutions to clients around the globe we have seen many changes in both training requirements and also the depth of functionality in Autodesk software. Traditional classroom training and customised training courses still remain as core requirements for many, but increasingly the necessity for on demand online cad training is coming to the fore.

Access your Autodesk Training Portal 24/7

To complement our existing consultancy and training services we have now launched the Graitec e-training solution powered by the world’s award winning and most advanced learning platform - Global eTraining. This allows us to be able to deliver the largest online Autodesk training library available today on demand, anytime, anywhere and on any mainstream device helping us meet a very broad spectrum of our customers Autodesk training requirements 24/7. This even includes flexible or even certified Autodesk online Revit, Inventor and AutoCAD training to name a few software titles.


Graitec e-Training Flexible and Effective e-Learning

Autodesk online training will not suite everyone or every training requirement but effective e-training will help individuals, small businesses and large corporations improve the Autodesk software average knowledge base and improve user productivity across the enterprise in an extremely cost effective way. AutoCAD, Civil, Plant, Inventor, Revit and Navisworks user’s billable hours can remain unaffected as learning can be delivered within the software on demand using a powerful plug-in, as well as through the easy to use learning interface below.

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Online-CAD-training-methodology-smallOur effective and award winning e-training solution is not simply video based, which is why it is so effective.

Instead it appeals to many different learning styles as content is delivered visually, aurally, in a read write format and also through kinaesthetic learning.

This extends to practical application and also competency assessment to ensure the training candidate meets their target goal of learning and also more importantly retains information and knowledge which can then be applied to real world projects improving both productivity and personal performance.

Autodesk Certified Training or Flexible Corporate Training – You Choose

One of the Key benefits of our e-learning platform is the ability to adopt a flexible approach to your training as it is offered in two distinct guises, online Autodesk Certified Training through the Guided delivery method, or totally flexible training through the flexible delivery method.

Follow the link to find out more about Autodesk Certified and Flexible e-training delivery.

E-learning Benefits and Success for Individuals and Corporations

Businesses large and small each have distinct challenges both with the adoption and roll out of new software technology. These can be financial, managerial or even staffing oriented.

Typical challenges when it comes to delivering internal training or learning new software are often limited training budgets, restricted availability of time, keeping updated with your software, employee turnover or even the challenge of learning new approaches and potentially lack of internal expertise or ongoing mentorship.

Unlike other online training providers Graitec’s e-learning platform, powered by Global e-training delivers results through a dedicated success management and reporting program. This leads to excellent results across the business as well as a trackable return on investment.


To find out more about the benefits of e-learning and how you can deliver an improved and wider training experience to your business, or receive substantially more for training for the same or smaller training budget visit our e-learning benefits page.

Create Your Own Corporate or Internal Courses

The global e-training platform goes beyond just delivering Cad Training courses but can also be used to deliver your own in-house training too through the powerful and easy to use course generator so your teams enjoy using the same familiar learning platform they are used to.

Internal courses could be anything from HR induction training through to Health and Safety training, Contractor training or internal training for other software titles and utilities.


To find out more about the Graitec e-training solution simply download the full brochure here or click on the button below to request a quote and we’ll get back to you to discuss your requirements.

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