Autodesk CFD Training

Autodesk CFD TrainingOur Autodesk CFD training course gives candidates hands on experience using Autodesk’s computational fluid dynamics and thermal simulation tools, enabling you to better predict product performance while optimising designs and validating product behaviour before manufacturing.

The CFD course will focus on learning the basics of Computational Fluid Dynamics to get you started in the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for part and assembly fluid flow analysis.

Through a practical agenda, participants will acquire the knowledge needed to work in the Autodesk CFD environment to setup and conduct thermal and flow analyses on part and assembly models and take models from start to finish.

CFD Training Objectives:

The course is designed to introduce you to Computational Fluid Dynamics, and the analysis capabilities of Autodesk CFD, familiarise you with the software, and help you use Autodesk CFD to start analysing your designs.

During the course, you will gain an understanding of when to use certain modelling techniques, analysis setup, analyse the results and how they are applied to the designs being studied.


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