Autodesk Certification

Give your organisation the power to excel

Whether you’re in manufacturing, civil engineering or architecture, Autodesk Certification can give your business a powerful advantage.

Today’s marketplace is both crowded and complex. Companies need any advantage they can find to win the best projects. And if you can acquire a competitive advantage that is specifically designed to boost the productivity and credibility of your employees, then that’s much more powerful.

Autodesk Certification

Autodesk Certification is that powerful advantage. It has been developed to not only validate the skills and knowledge of your people, but also to accelerate their professional development, improve their productivity and help you get the most out of their software investment, strengthening your organisation’s competitiveness. Additionally, Autodesk Certification is a critical tool in your hiring process. Improved workforce management and better hiring decisions help you maximize your investment in your most valuable resources – your employees.

Help your employees make their mark on your industry

As the employer of Autodesk Certified professionals, it’s important that you can demonstrate their achievements in a meaningful way. Your employees will receive an electronic certificate that can be printed and framed. In addition to this they will also get the official Autodesk Certification logo that they can use on their business cards and letterheads to identify them as certified.

Performance-based testing – proving your employees’ experience

Autodesk Professional-level Certification includes performance-based testing. That means your people are tested on their ability to perform tasks, rather than their answers to questions about how they might accomplish them. Performance-based testing is widely accepted as a better way of ensuring that your staff has the skills needed for that particular application.

Bring your people up to speed with Autodesk Official Training Guides

Preparation is everything. Autodesk Official Training Guides and the comprehensive exam guides enable your employees to review the knowledge and skills covered in the certification exams. Each book includes lessons covering the main sections of the exam as well as exercises for the performance tasks that they will be required to complete during the exam.

Immediate diagnostic feedback from Autodesk experts

Whether or not they pass their exams, your employees will receive immediate feedback on the areas where they can improve their Autodesk application skills. Their score reports with feedback will be available anytime through their Internet testing system profiles.

Assess their knowledge of Autodesk applications before Certification

Enhance the chances of your employees achieving Certification with Autodesk Assessment tests. These online tests assess knowledge of the tools, features, and common tasks in specific Autodesk applications. Available 24/7 through the web, these exams help your people measure their readiness, boost their confidence and prepare them for Certification.

Why choose Autodesk Certification?

  • Gain the maximum return from your software investment
  • Validate your employees’ skills and knowledge reliably
  • Accelerate their professional development
  • Enhance your organisation’s credibility within your field
  • Make better hiring decisions

How to gain the power to excel

To earn Certification your employees need to pass an Autodesk Certification Exam, or a series of exams, and follow some simple steps.

  1. Select the Certification that’s right for them: Choose the level and the Autodesk application that is best for your employees. They can then learn what to expect by reviewing the comprehensive exam guide that details the skills they need. Example of our Official Autodesk Certificates
  2. Assess their readiness: Take an assessment test to measure their knowledge of the application.
  3. Get the training they need: Enhance their skills with Autodesk Official Training Guides, or send them to classes at an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC®) site.
  4. They should then practice what they have learned to gain experience.
  5. Take the required exam:

Finally, they can register for their exams online.

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