What Our Audience Told Us About Graitec Opentree

During a recent Graitec Opentree webinar series, we engaged the audience throughout by conducting polls. Each poll asked three questions and focused on a specific area related to challenges for project document and drawings processes within the AEC industry sector.

These webinars are always very well attended, and these two seminars on the 26th March 2020 were no different. A wide selection of job roles was present from across a broad range of industry sectors.

From architects at leading firms to IT managers from local authorities, the audience was diverse. Ensuring that the poll answers and findings were enlightening and thought-provoking.

The webinar “Drawing & Document Management for AEC” encompassed an initial presentation followed by a product demonstration of Graitec Opentree. After introductions, the first poll question asked was:

What Our Audience Told Us About Graitec Opentree 1

The results were very conclusive with 64% stating the most important factor is “Improving general efficiency per project”.

Better visibility of status for drawing and documents accounted for 20% of the results.

Compliance to standards such as ISO 19650, with only 15% of respondents stating that this was the most important challenge.

The second poll question was related to profitability:

What Our Audience Told Us About Graitec Opentree 2

Again, the result was conclusive, with 51% stating that “Managing changes to drawings and documents” has the biggest impact on project profitability.

Followed by two answers at 20%. Believing that project profitability was impacted equally by either “Working on a previous version or revision” of a document/drawing or time spent “Searching for information, documents or drawings”.

Only 7% stated that “Updating property information to drawing & document templates” impacted profitability.

The final poll question focused on value opinions, by asking the question “Which of the following do you feel offers the greatest value on your design projects?”. This poll question was asked at the end of the webinar and after the product demonstration of Graitec Opentree:

What Our Audience Told Us About Graitec Opentree 3

Interestingly opinions and results were split across the four options. With the biggest percentage, 35% stating that “Automating file naming, status codes and revisions” was the reason for value for investing in EDMS software solutions.

Although 31% believed that the greater value was in the “Reducing the time taken to search on drawings and documents” using metadata.

Whilst the same percentage (16%) stated that latest approved template use and automating of uploading of project deliverables to common data environments (CDE) were equally as important regarding the value of the product.

Conclusions & Summary

In conclusion, these polls have shown that Opentree is extremely well positioned and has the feature set to solve the demanding and common challenges the AEC industry face regarding document and drawing control

It was interesting to see on the first poll question that only 15% of the audience surveyed believed that “complying to standards such as ISO 19650” was less important than improving efficiency or visibility of projects. Now whilst this is a very primitive question and almost impossible to make any justification from – does it indicate the level of BIM adoption in the UK today, and is there still a long way to go before it is adopted by the majority?

A fact that we feel is clear and one we are sure many will agree on is the ability to manage design change within an organisation. Regardless of the industry, the design change processes have often been manual, managed by spreadsheets and prone to human error. This historical method can add unnecessary factors to a project including delayed delivery deadlines and profitability. This is backed up by the responses in the second poll where over 50% said “Managing changes to drawings & documents” has the greatest impact on project profitability compared to document searching, updating property information and working on the wrong revision.

Our final thoughts when reviewing all three polls is that most AEC professionals who contribute to design and documentation are looking for efficiency gains per project. This typically comes down to automating the day-to-day core administrative tasks such as file naming, status codes, revision and version control. The downstream effect to improving this is better visibility and compliance, which whilst not primary needs are welcomed efficiency benefits.

Gauging feedback and opinion from the industry is essential in ensuring that Graitec can proactively address the needs and concerns for drawing and document management using Opentree.

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