Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcuts in Advance Design

As software users, we know that shortcuts make a huge difference in productivity, what can take a few minutes can be cut down to a few seconds just by pressing a few keyboard buttons, especially when you know the majority of shortcuts a programme has to offer.

That’s why we have created useful time-saving shortcuts in Advance Design, Graitec’s flagship structural design and analysis software. The keyboard shortcuts are based around popular tools and functions that enable users to analyse and model their designs quickly and easily and improve their personal productivity.

Regularly used tools such as ortho mode, styles configuration and rotation around a model can easily be accessed with a few keyboard clicks and processes like switching between model and analysis modes are effortlessly done rather than clicking on multiple tabs and options.

A list of these shortcuts can be viewed below, but we have also created a convenient PDF that can be downloaded and/or printed so you have a useful document to refer back to if need be.

Just click on the image below to view this.

Shortcut Function

Ctrl + A =
Ctrl + B =
Ctrl + C =
Ctrl + D =
Ctrl + G =
Ctrl + N =
Ctrl + O =
Ctrl + P =
Ctrl + R =
Ctrl + S =
Ctrl + T =
Ctrl + V =
Ctrl + U =
Ctrl + X =
Ctrl + Y =
Ctrl + Z =
Ctrl + Tab =
Ctrl + Space =

Select all
Subdivide selected element
Measure length
Measure angle
New file
Open file
Trim or extend selected element
Tile working modes horizontally
Cut selected element
Switch between Model and Analysis modes
Split workplane

Alt + 1
Alt + 2
Alt + 3
Alt + 4
Alt + 5
Alt + 6
Alt + 7
Front View
Right View
Top View
View (-1, -1, -1)
View (1, -1, 1)
View (-1, -1, 1)
View (-1, 1, 1)
Alt + A
Alt + C
Alt + D
Alt + P
Alt + Q
Alt + R
Alt + S
Alt + Space
Alt + U
Alt + W
Alt + X
Alt + Z
Zoom all
Advanced CAD options
Display the properties of the selected element(s) in the command line
Translation (panning)
Configuration of analyses and combinations
Rotation around the model
Select by criteria / Access snap modes (during elements design)
Create the post-processing
Previous view
Zoom window
Display styles configuration
Results display configuration
Shift + F1
Displays Online help. If a dialog box is active, it displays information about the corresponding functions.
Rename (name selection in the Pilot)
Snap modes (Y / N)
Hide / display the properties window
Create system (system selection in the Pilot)
Workplane (On / Off)
Ortho mode
Tracking mode
Extension mode
Press and click any toolbar icon for more information about the function.
Hold Esc
Double click
Multiple copy
Select all elements of the selected system (in the Pilot)
Switch selection between objects in one location / Change Pan or Rotate Modes
Cancel Selection
Clear result
Zoom Selection

If you want to learn about some of the new workflows in Advance Design especially the ones that aid the design of concrete walls, then head over to our ‘wall design made easy’ blog.

Alternatively, if you want to discover more about our structural analysis software or would like to watch a software demonstration, then get in touch with the Graitec Structures team by clicking on the button below.

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