PowerPack for Advance Steel 2021.1 Update - What's New and Improved?

The Advance Steel 2021.1 Powerpack update has now been published. This blog will run through what’s new and improved for the Graitec Advance Steel 2021.1 PowerPack.

Threaded rod connection – Extra special part nut & washers have been added and now are set as a default for the joint, these special parts also have their own model role or the option for users to choose the model role.

PowerPack for Advance Steel Threaded rod connection

There is also a new profile table added called “Threaded rod” which will show separately from round bars on the material lists.

PowerPack for Advance Steel Threaded Rod New Profile Table

Tube to tube connection – Users now have the option to add special parts to the tube to tube connection meaning they can model with bought in items.

PowerPack for Advance Steel Tube to Tube Connection

Library options – With the 2021.1 update 3 of the Graitec PowerPack connections now have the option to save the configurations in a library. The joints are the Floor cover, Intersection & Bracing connection to beam or plate.

PowerPack for Advance Steel Library options

Check parts – The check parts command will now detect parts which don’t need a detail drawing that have shortenings where the angle of the shortening is 0.

PowerPack for Advance Steel Check parts 

STEP & IGES exports – When exporting the model or parts to STEP or IGES format the 2021.1 update will now keep the object colour and layer information.


Add User Sections – Users now have the ability to add custom sections to the Railing macros via the JointsGUIAllowedSections table as you do with some Advance Steel standard joints.

Railings on Polybeams – With the 2021.1 PowerPack users can now model railings on polybeams. These polybeams can be straight, curved or a combination of the two.

PowerPack for Advance Steel Railings on Polybeams

Wall mounted rails connection to handrail – The wall rail connectors now have the ability to be welded or bolted to the rail and there are also options for the alignment.

PowerPack for Advance Steel Wall mounted rails connection to handrail

Updated intersection mechanism – The code for railings with different sloping and horizontal heights has been re-written to correctly calculate the intersection points and all associated elements cut correctly.

Stairs & Railings interface – The GUI for stairs and railings has been improved with a slider for the tree structure giving users better control and to see more information in the dialogue boxes.

PowerPack for Advance Steel Stairs Railings Interface

How do I install the new 2021.1 Update?

The download for the Update is available through your Graitec Advantage account and can be found in the “Download Service Packs” section, there is also What’s new documentation available on the Advantage site.

PowerPack for Advance Steel Download Service Packs

There are two ways of making the update to 2021:

  1. Uninstall 2021 version and install 2021.1 Update (both processes are made using Advance Setup).
  2. If you have the 2021 version installed and want to directly make the update, open Advance Setup 2021.1 and choose Manage Products – the setup will automatically identify the installed software (installed software is ticked); all you have to do is press Next for the update to take place. Please be careful as any unchecked software will be uninstalled.

Graitec Advance Install Products

Please also note if you have the 2021 version of the Powerpack and Stairs and Railings BIM Designer installed please update both to the 2021.1 versions, so that you are not mixing and matching versions.

Be sure to check out our webinar which talks about the tools available for cold rolled joints in the PowerPack for Advance Steel.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about the PowerPack, just get in touch by clicking on the button below.

Request more information about the Advance Steel PowerPack

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