The New Connection Types For Advance Design Structural Engineering 2019

The 2019 version of the Graitec Advance Design structural engineering design software includes many enhancements and new features, including the new advanced stability feature, enhanced shape optimisation and many more. In this blog we will look at the fantastic new connection types, which will give users plenty of options for their designs.

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Being able to use a variety of connections is good news for structural designers, and to make the expanded range of options easy to access and manage, there is now the capability of grouping them according to the needs of the user.

One of the new options is the Splice Joint, which is a fixed connection between two colinear elements, which can be arranged as either beam-beam or column-column. These are connected using plates which are defined based on flanges or webs, and there are also several bolt or weld connection configurations to choose from for plates defines.

advance desig connection types 2

The next new connection we will look at is the Gable Wall End Plate, which enables designers to place a column under a continuous beam using a fixed end plate joint. The user gets a wide choice over how many stiffeners they would like, and these can be placed on the beam or the column.

advance desig connection types 3

Another handy new connection is the Beam to two secondary beams, which enables the user to join two beams to a central beam at a right angle, using a pinned connection with clip angles. It is also possible to use this technique to join a Column to two secondary beams.

advance desig connection types 4

Alongside these powerful new features, another big enhancement for the 2019 version is the improved link with Advance Design connection. Nonlinear and seismical forces will now be properly exported, allowing users to achieve quick and precise joint design.

If you are working on really complex designs then you might want also investigate our other specialist tool for complex steel connection design workflows, Advance Design Connection.

Advance BIM Designers is just one part of the Graitec product portfolio, which includes Advance Workshop, BIM Designers and more. If you have any enquiries please send us a message:

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