The New Advanced Stability Feature For Graitec Advance Design Structural Engineering Design Software Is A Powerful Steel Analysis Feature

Graitec Advance Design Structural Engineering Design software is the fully BIM compliant Structural Analysis software solution that gives users high quality capabilities for their work with steel structures, with a range of powerful features, including FEM analysis, report post processing, dynamic buckling and a whole load more.

The 2019 version is the best one yet, and amongst several handy enhancements, users should find the new Advanced Stability feature to be a fantastic addition to their workflows.

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This feature is designed to prevent beams buckling because of imperfections, in particular through warping, which is a deformation caused by the pressure of uniform torsion.

The resultant twisting means that cross-sections can be taken off plane, and this can have an especially significant impact on I, H, channels, or other open cross sections, which are vulnerable to large scale twisting, as their flanges will be rotated in opposing directions.

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It is obviously very important to remove warping from your final models, and the Advanced Stability feature is the perfect tool for the job, as it runs a detailed analysis of each individual member of a design.

It considers all imperfections by introducing a scaled eigenmode as an initial deformation, and then considers a 7th degree-of-freedom to highlight any torsional warping effects.

To find out any eccentricities on the loads, it looks at the application point on the cross-section, and it introduces centric or eccentric nodal and continuous springs along the member in order to find boundary conditions and lateral restraints. The effects of any deformed geometry are defined through a second order analysis.

advance design advanced stability 3 full

This process is particularly helpful as it can be used for profiles that can be prone to larger torsion and subsequent warping stresses under eccentric loading. However, all cross-section types can be examined, which is handy as the existing Eurocode 3 doesn’t deal with this issue.

Overall then, this is the perfect feature for ensuring that your models contain no imperfections, and if they do, these can then be rectified accordingly.

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