Revit Roof Framing, Truss Roofing & Structure Generator

Revit Timber Roof Framing & Structure Generator

The latest Autodesk Revit software extensions (available as a benefit for subscription customers) continue to help Architects and BIM (Building Information Modelling) professionals to automate their design processes, streamline collaboration with structural engineers thereby reducing projects timescales into the process.

Revit-timber-frame-extensionAutodesk's goal to continue to add value continues to ramp up with the latest of three extensions that will be very welcome to many users.

The first of these Revit timber roof framing extensions (aptly named rafter framing extension) addresses the very tedious and time consuming task of creating "A" frame roof models, whilst a further extension takes care of creating Revit truss roof systems.

As you would expect of a BIM solution, generated geometry can then be exported to Autodesk Structural software for engineers to then carry out structural analysis and recommend any further design changes.

The final extension in the trio is the Revit structure generator which essentially is an aid to speed up the structural iteration process allowing designers to quickly explore multiple design variants early in the design process.

All of these extensions are available for subscription holders from your Autodesk subscriptions account so if you are not currently on subscription and would benefit from any of the above Revit extensions, or you would like to update your skills on a Revit training course give us a call to discuss your options.

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