Revit Design Options with Linked Files for Apartment Flats

In this short video blog we will see how to add Revit buildings into a main project using the Revit Link tool, and then see how we could add design variations using Revit's Design Options tool. In our example we discover how to set up dedicated views for the different design options and the ways to change the linked files display to include details such as Room tags that do not by default show up in linked files. Additionally we will change the presentation to show all the elements at full strength compared to the default greyed-out display of elements that are not an 'Option'. We will then go on and learn how to finalise the design.

You can now view this video tutorial, which shows all of the above in less than 15 minutes, and is aimed at new users of Revit or anyone who has not used Design Options before or have tried to and found it a little "tricky" shall we say.

I will be using Revit 2021 in this example but all the tools have been around for quite some time, so if you are using older versions this will still be for you.

Revit Design Options with Linked Files for Apartment flats video

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