Revit 2022 Family Content Packs

Installed Revit 2022 recently and wondered where your family content packs are or how to get them?

When using Revit of any era, the Families we use are the lifeblood of our models, they determine the look of our design, the level of detail we present; more than that, they help give a compete overview of the content within our designs as we schedule the elements, and these schedules are a live presentation of our total design with every iteration and phase design change.

Curating our own families and the information within adds to our unique vision as we tell the story of a proposed idea through to the construction drawings and on to handover document pack, but at the beginning we will nearly always start with our Revit default, out-of-the-box, families and having reliable access to these key families is essential.

However, when a new version of Revit is released, especially recently, there can be a certain amount of trepidation regarding whether our treasured Revit Family Packs will come with the new installation or are they a separate install and if so, where on earth do we find them. Revit 2022 has taken this a step further; the Family Packs are neither installed or offer any method to get our country specific family packs from within Revit at all.

In Revit 2022, Autodesk have introduced a Revit Family browser that accesses the default families we are familiar over the web, cloud based. On the face of it, it appears to be a very nice system to load the families, however it has some limitations because it is only available from the Insert ribbon and we cannot use it from within a family tool. So, for example, if you click on your Door tool and find you need to load a door you cannot immediately use load family in the way we have for the past 10 plus years. We have to quit the command and go to the Insert ribbon, use the online load button, find what we need, load it, and then go back to our family placement tool. This does not make for a smooth workflow and yet, I imagine, it could have been so easy to include the on-line browser within our regular placement tools; it is quite an oversite, but perhaps an update could resolve this jerky workflow.

So, how do we use the new system to access our default families and is it possible to load them locally as we have always done?

In this quick video you can discover how to use the new Autodesk On-Line Family browsers, (that looks a lot like our Graitec PowerPack Family manager), and I will reveal where your content packs are hidden and finally, how to get them downloaded so that you can use them locally, on your own workstation in the seamless way we always have done. Don’t worry, like most techniques, after hunting around and giving up, asking for help is always the solution and then you find it is easy to do - when you know how, watch this video to get the know-how.

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