How To Create Revit Content For BIM

Create-Revit-Content-VideosmOne of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies supplying products for construction and for the construction supply chain going forward will be the ability to supply BIM and Revit content.

Demand will almost certainly be driven in part by the construction contracting community as most do not manufacture their own products but they still have to specify.

The challenge however is that an increasing number of projects are citing BIM as a deliverable even in early project stages, so if a contractor cannot deliver the required BIM data they will be unable to tender.

Worse still could tender but then be unable to fulfil contractual terms.

So who is going to create BIM for contractors (BIM in this case meaning building information models, or construction products in a BIM format if you like), that will allow them to fulfil their contractual requirements?

The natural course of action of course will be for them to turn to their existing construction product suppliers for BIM content, and if they are unable to supply the only logical course of action available for the contractors in order to be able to tender, would be to source from manufacturers that could supply BIM and/or Revit Content.

The video in the link below gives manufactures an excellent overview on how to create Revit content for BIM using Autodesk's Building Design Suite Ultimate using the built in workflows.

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