How to add a 4-inch length to the Nelson H4L inch shear stud with the Advance Steel Management Tools

Well it seems that you have hit a speed bump. You are working with a structure and although you have the correct section class, section type, and size, the length of the element does not exist in the database.

This can be very annoying, but you can adjust the values with the Autodesk Advance Steel Management Tools.

Yes, this is a question that is asked time and time again; 'How do I add a length to a specific Anchor bolt in the ASMT database without the head disappearing?'

Quick tip: Set the precision to 0’ 0 1/256 and hit apply before following the procedure.

In Advance Steel, it is possible. First, when you open the Advance Steel Management Tools you must select the Shear stud category.

You will see a window pop up. Simply select the Nelson H4L-Inch heading and from the General tab, Diameter, you will see a symbol with four small squares - select the upper left square to view the available diameter sizes.

Select the preferred diameter size from the dropdown arrow adjacent to the symbol. For the example shown in the video, we will use 0’ 0 3/8.”

Simply make the changes of your choice from the Geometry tab length, weight and part name. You must have a value in section A and B in order to have a head on the anchor.

Remember to load settings in Advance and Update Defaults back in the model. You can now benefit from the knowledge of how to add a specific length to Shear studs in Advance Steel 2017 and 2018.

Check out the video now:

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