Curtins’ Summer Insight Programme with Graitec

Graitec was proud to support Curtins’ Summer Insight Programme, which has equipped young civil engineers with the skills they need to start a successful career in the industry. The 27 young professionals who completed the course received a comprehensive overview of project delivery in civil and infrastructure.

We were delighted to help these talented civil engineers by providing access to our online training courses, which include the latest tips & tricks and workflows for Autodesk infrastructure products including AutoCAD Civil 3D. Receiving a solid grounding with this software will prove essential as they undertake complex design tasks for their projects.

Graitec was also happy to reward one particularly outstanding course attendee, Khalil Rahmeh, with an iPad after he impressed us with his reflective assessment of his experience. He summed up his time on the course by saying ‘I feel that the Curtins Insight Programme gave me invaluable knowledge and experience from across the industry, while having fun and building meaningful relationships’.

Curtins Summer Insight Programme with Graitec

Khalil and the other course graduates were able to learn from several experienced industry professionals including Hanna Vickers of MACE, Stuart Fraser of Make Architects and Stephen Beggs, Director at Curtins. These speakers offered their unique insights into key facets of construction, including the importance of achieving sustainability.

The course leaders, Rebecca King and Tom Leake, ensured that the attendees still received the full learning experience despite being in a virtual environment. The sessions, which looked at both the technical and non-technical elements of project delivery, were delivered in a personal and interactive manner. The students were also encouraged to take in a set of recommended readings in their own time, which required effective time management, an important quality going forward in their careers.

We are sure that these 27 exceptional course graduates will go on to excel by demonstrating all the skills that they acquired in their time on the Curtins’ Civil Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure Insight Programme. To find out more and to read Khalil’s full blog click on the link above.

If you are interested in the training courses which helped the attendees, take a look at the Graitec Training Centre. You can get in touch with one of our account managers to discuss your training journey by sending us an enquiry now:

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