Automatically create unique layers for AutoCAD Civil 3D Objects

AutoCAD Civil 3D Objects are automatically assigned to layers when created. These layers are contained within the Civil 3D template the user chooses. For example, within the UK and Ireland template (UKIE), alignments are assigned to the C-ALIGNMENTS Layer.

However, if your project contains multiple alignments, all of them will default to the C-ALIGNMENTS Layer.

It is possible to configure the AutoCAD Civil 3D template so that each object created will generate a unique layer. To see which objects and layers they are assigned to, go to the Civil 3D Toolspace, Settings Tab. Right click on the drawing name at the top and chose Edit Drawing Settings.

civil 3d object layers 1

The Drawing Settings Dialogue Box then appears. Next, go to the Object Layers Tab, and note the AutoCAD Civil 3D Objects and the layer assigned to the object in the column beside it.

civil 3d object layers 2

To get AutoCAD Civil 3D to create a unique layer from each alignment, click in the Modifier Column box beside C-ALIGNMENTS. This is currently set to None. A drop-down menu will appear with three options, from which choose whether to add a prefix or suffix to the layer. For the following example I have chosen to add a suffix to the C-ALIGNMENTS Layer.

civil 3d object layers 3

A value must be added for the suffix. In the Value Column, I want the new layer to pick up the alignment name. To do so add an asterisk (Shift + 8) in the Value Column. Then click apply and OK.

civil 3d object layers 4

In the project below there are two alignments, respectively named High Street and Church Road. Notice that in the Layer Manager as the alignments are created two new layers are automatically generated called C-ALIGNMENTS HIGH STREET and C-ALIGNMENTS CHRUCH ROAD.

civil 3d object layers

This method can be applied to any AutoCAD Civil 3D Objects such as profiles, assemblies and many more.

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