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Architects and designers have now accustomed us to buildings and infrastructures of the most varied forms that defy the laws of physics and that in most cases are made of steel.

But what happens after drawing a curved bridge or a curved skyscraper as a simple sketch on paper?

Generally, after the preliminary design, we move on to the executive project through the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) solutions, and conclude with the production and implementation phase; carried out by MIS management (Management Information System) for the steel industry.

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GRAITEC, a BIM solution provider, is also a producer of the Advance Workshop management system for the steel industry and, to meet the growing market demand for ever more precise and faster technologies and machines, has now developed a direct link to industrial 3D laser cutting robots used for cutting steel profiles.

Some of the major advantages that this direct link offers to GRAITEC customers who use Advance Workshop are:

• Greater precision
• Less processing works
• Traceability of materials
• Control of productivity through a bi-directional data exchange between the production department and the technical department

Thanks to this enhancement, GRAITEC customers implementing the solution will be Industry 4.0 connected for this part of their business processes.

At present, the connection developed involves importing STEP format files, but development is underway for direct connection with mechanical software such as Inventor and Solidworks.

GRAITEC is constantly engaged in the research and development of new solutions to offer its customers greater competitiveness and greater skills to stand out in the sector.

To find out more about GRAITEC's Advance Workshop software just click on the link or alternatively, click on the button below to request more information.

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