BIM Implementation Services

BIM implementation services are often a pre-requisite  for the revolutionary approach that is Building Information Modelling (BIM).

This cutting edge methodology has expanded to become the norm within numerous sectors including Architectural, Engineering, Construction and even the Manufacturing sector, as Architects demands for BIM ready content from the manufacturing for construction supply chain continues to grow.

The use of this intelligent model-based process provides an insight for creating and managing building projects faster, more economically and with less environmental impact.

Here at Graitec we not only offer the software you need to get started in the world of BIM, but also offer our clients the assistance they may require to implement BIM and get the most from their software investment

Outset Meeting

BIM-construction-imageFor any business, organisation or project that is looking to employ BIM the actual implementation can be difficult part.

Trying to get your employees or colleagues to adopt the method and new procedures will certainly need forward-thinking at the initial stage, to ensure you are building a solid foundation that will meet your ongoing requirements.
Our Graitec BIM consultants will be able to help you at this preliminary stage by gaining an understanding of your organisation and the objectives you wish to achieve from implementing BIM to support you in documenting your deployment plan.
Throughout the meeting our consultants will look to identify:

              • Existing office set up
              • Existing standards implemented
              • Any existing CAD standards/protocols
              • Practice BIM aspiration and potential timeline for deployment
              • General projects undertaken
              • Current Hardware/Software/Training expectancy

It is advised that a minimum of one day is taken for this meeting dependent on the business size/project complexity but additional day may be required to document the practice deployment plan.

To arrange your first step into BIM with our Graitec consultants call us on 023 8086 8947 or request more information.

Template Creation

Template creation is an integral part of Building Information Modelling that enables your business, organisation or project to have the initial core components for the implementation of the approach in your projects.

Graitec will provide a number of elements for you to be able to get underway with BIM, including:

              • Set up Basic template
              • Set up Titleblocks
              • Adapt template to contain any required Views
              • Alter Browser Organisation to suit
              • Create any basic Schedules required
              • Load in any basic families required
              • Bespoke the template with regards to annotation items
              • Set up AutoCAD layers standards for export
              • Set up on the Server
              • Aid the setup of basic library structure

It is advised that this is taken over three days but if recommended by the consultant this could be carried out over more or less day’s dependent on the needs of the business, organisation or project.

BIM Documentation


In order for your business, organisation or project to implement BIM properly in your forthcoming project or projects you will require a BIM protocol and execution plan that will allow you to routinely implement BIM in the future.
These documents will be produced and presented to you by one of our Graitec BIM consultants who will deliver a bespoke plan for your needs.
To provide you with these documents your Graitec BIM consultant will:

              • Be onsite to discuss documentation requirements
              • Check existing Workflows
              • Discuss existing folder structure, procurement and tender methodology
              • Run through current CAD, other software and current BIM Standards and Protocols
              • Create generic practice BIM Execution Plan
              • Discuss any additional Supporting Documents as required
              • Onsite to go through created BIM Execution Plan
              • Discuss any additional requirements, or amendments
              • Alter BIM Execution Plan and Supporting Documents as required

It is recommended that this should take three days but if recommended by the consultant this could require more days dependent on the needs of the business, organisation or project.

Further BIM Documentation

Once your business, organisation or project has implemented BIM and Revit on the initial stages of your project or a prelude team has been selected to employ the approach our Graitec BIM consultant will be able to assist you further.

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