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BIM for manufacturing companies (AKA BIM for Building Product Manufacturers) may seem at first glance to be a bit of a misnomer given that for many BIM seems to be inherent in the construction space. But as the evolvement and adoption of BIM continues to accelerate at an exponential rate, the importance of businesses involved in manufacturing for construction projects is becoming more readily apparent as the process evolves.

BIM Hospital Construction smWith manufacturers increasingly being asked for BIM (Revit Model or IFC class) data, it is becoming progressively essential that manufacturers in the construction space create Revit ready models, ensure that they are distributed to existing construction customers and more importantly expand their services to additional POTENTIAL future customers at the same time.

Being seen as a BIM for Manufacturing company that is able to offer Revit ready content will almost certainly be a major plus point for any manufacturing for construction company or construction supply chain business going forward, and it could also be a contributing factor for deciding who a contract is given to when tenders are awarded.

sink3a st faucet3Typically construction companies, building owners and principal contractors will want to work with suppliers that make their own BIM requirements as seamless as possible which is the nature of many construction relationships. This could be anything from building systems, glazing, office furniture or even the kitchen sink.

So providing BIM ready data will increase the chances of your products being specified within a design community whether this be for "big buildings" commercial developments or most importantly institutions and government projects.

But in order to achieve this you will need to create and supply the correct content in order to be seen potentially as a preferred supplier for BIM focussed projects.

BIM for Building Product Manufacturers Guide

BIM For Manufacturing For Non-Autodesk Software Users

It's no secret that building products are designed in a variety of CAD software platforms, but closer collaboration between software leaders has resulted in far easier workflows. watch the video below to see multiple file formats being used as source data for import into the leading BIM software - Autodesk Revit.


For non-Autodesk product design software users, participating in the BIM supply chain does not require a massive investment or a radical change in your core design software across the board as you will see from the above video. Simply subscribing to an Autodesk solution is exceptionally cost effective with Autodesks move to the subscription model. That coupled with Autodesk Inventors ability to import multiple data file formats lowers the bar and complexity to providing Revit ready content.

How to Convert Complex Building Products to BIM Models

Not all Revit content creation is that simple purely because some building products require an added degree of complexity and intelligence to enable them to work effectively with deeper embedded Revit functionality, for example working with Revit MEP systems.

Watch the video below as Stuart Smith from our manufacturing division takes you through working with a complex piece of data and turns it into a BIM model.

Revit Family Creation for Building Product Manufacturers

Depending on a building product manufacturers portfolio of products or for manufacturers with comprehensive catalogues of products, the overhead of producing BIM content for construction can be quite impacting if conducted internally. With these a different approach may be more approriate with the creation and supply of Revit Families to specifiers as opposed to just single components.

Fortunately our experienced team have first hand experience of dealing with the many different requirements that manufacturers in the construction supply chain have to meet including producing BIM content for industry heavyweights like George Fischer for example.

You can also download further industry examples of Manufacturing for Building Products in action from the links below.

Polypipe Reference        Ideal Standard International

The IOT and FOMT For Building Product Manufacturers

A lot of radical changes have also evolved in the manufacturing environment over the last few years focussed around the Internet Of Things (IOT and also the Future of Making Things (FOMT).

Smart buildings, smart lighting, remote monitoring or any aspect of a building that can benefit from internet connectivity for the collection of what is commonly called "Big Data" which is then analysed to enhance next gen products or even control local environments.

FOMT equally can also have a substantial impact on Building Product manufacture as new development disrupts traditional processes, but at the same time this opens up new opportunities through emerging manufacturing technology and market changes for example personalisation of product, whilst allowing flexibility in your manufacturing process.

To find out if your business is ready for Future of Manufacturing simply complete our confidential FOMT Readiness Assessment and start building your own personalised readiness report.

Complete your FOMT Readiness Report

If your company works in the manufacturing for construction space and you want to maximise your exposure as well as increase your profit potential in this emerging market, call us for an informal discussion or to make an appointment on 023 8086 8947, or click on the link to Request More Information

mechanicalBIMIf you have already invested in Autodesk Inventor software then you are probably closer than you might think!

For more information about BIM in general a useful resource is the Graitec BIM White Paper which details the emergence of BIM in the global and specifically the UK marketplace, as well as referencing key Government documentation and other useful articles.

Alternatively you could also visit our BIM resources page which has a wide range of further BIM resources applicable to construction and also BIM for manufacturers in the cosnstruction supply chain.


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