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Building Information Modelling or BIM for Infrastructure is a vague concept. The BIM term was originally devised for the Architectural Industry. It is easy to envisage a 3D model of a building and all of its components contained within a defined structure.

BIM-For-Infrastructure-ImageHowever, Civil Engineering or Infrastructure Projects tend to be diverse and spread over a large geographical area. Therefore, BIM for Infrastructure could be reinterpreted as building an information model for a Civil Engineering/Infrastructure Project. The “I “in BIM is the most important part of the workflow.

Building an information model (BIM) starts at the planning and conceptual design stage and continues throughout the lifecycle of the asset. It is important that intelligent information is not lost as the project progresses through the various stages of a BIM Infrastructure Project. Autodesk understand this and have created a collection of Autodesk Infrastructure Software Applications for use throughout the planning, detailed design and construction stage of a BIM Project.

The Autodesk Infrastructure Solutions for BIM are designed to cater for all disciplines within the civil engineering industry including Road, Rail, Drainage, Utilities and GIS. The Autodesk Infrastructure Tools aid the user to quickly identify potential engineering challenges and enable the user to efficiently supply a solution.
Collaboration with BIM is greatly enhanced allowing infrastructure companies to present initial stage design ideas to stakeholders and planners so they can visually ascertain the impact of potential infrastructure projects.

The tools have dedicated workflows between one another. As BIM usually requires a model based design solution, Autodesk’s Infrastructure Tools can easily create visualization, drawings and documentation from the model. The BIM Model makes it easier understand the project and achieve stakeholder approval. This should minimise risk and cost to a project.

The Autodesk Infrastructure Tools include the industry established:

Autodesk Infraworks 360

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Infraworks 360 is a visual 3D design and communication platform for architects, civil engineers, designers, and planners. It is mainly used in the planning and pre-engineering phases of a project.

Infraworks Models are data rich and different versions of the proposed design can be contained in the one model. An Infraworks Model can connect data from multiple sources to view, analyse, share, and manage information. This will enable better informed decisions and achieve stakeholder approval.

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D

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AutoCAD Civil 3D is civil engineering design, analysis and documentation software to support BIM workflows.

It is primarily used in the planning and detailed design phases of a project. It is easy to transition AutoCAD users to AutoCAD Civil 3D since it is built on the AutoCAD platform. AutoCAD Civil 3D is dynamic, make a change, everything is updated in real time. It should increase efficiency and improve project delivery.

Autodesk Navisworks

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Navisworks is project review software for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to review integrated models and data with stakeholders to gain better understanding and control over project outcome.

It is principally used in the detailed design and construction phases of a project. Navisworks features include clash detection, 4D & 5D Simulation and the ability to combine design and construction data. It supports many third party applications to enable creation of federated models which is a key element of BIM.

Autodesk Infrastructure Solutions also collaborate with Autodesk’s industry leading Architecture and Manufacturing Software for true BIM Model Integration.

The UK Government BIM Mandate, private clients and large contractors are increasingly requiring Civil Engineering Consultancies and Infrastructure Designers to be BIM Compliant. Becoming an early adopter of BIM Methodologies should put your business at the forefront of the Infrastructure Industry. By investing in BIM for Infrastructure your company should become more efficient and profitable.

Further information about BIM can be found in the Graitec BIM White Paper which describes the emergence of UK marketplace and elsewhere, as well as referencing key Government documentation and other useful articles.

If your company works in the infrastructure sector and you want to increase collaboration, improve productivity and enhance profit potential in this budding environment, then please call us to discuss your BIM needs with one of our experts on 023 8086 8947.

Alternatively you could visit our BIM resources page for a wide range of further BIM resources pertinent to BIM for infrastructure and BIM in general.

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